Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandparents Day Portrait Event - September 13 2009


Growing up, I was VERY close to my Grandmas. One lived just down the road and babysat me everyday while my Mom worked, and the other lived across the country in Pennsylvania. The memories and the photos I have of them (I have 1 photo of both of my Grandma's together and I am working on getting an enlargement of it for my apartment, I love it!!) are priceless to me. I never had professional portraits taken with them, and now, I wish I had. My Grandma Frances (My Mom's Mom) did have a professional portrait taken of herself in the 80's (I remember being completely awed by the professional studio and that I lost my Michael Jackson purse there LOL!) and my Mom has a 16x20 on her wall, and I can say "Hi" to Grandma everyday.

I recently tried to barter with someone for a prop I wanted, in exchange for portraits of their Grandchildren, they politely declined, saying they got to see their grandchildren every day. The sad thing is, we don't get to see our Grandparents everyday forever.

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