Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time to VOTE in the Everyday Adorable Contest! 2012 - VOTING OVER!

It's time for the Everyday Adorable Contest! Here are our Finalists!

 To vote: Scroll down and READ THE RULES - then vote via the POLL at the bottom. thank you!

 Entry #1 - Adellyn

 Adellyn is pure joy! She LOVES jumping in puddles and feeding her duck neighbors Fred and Wilma right after a storm. Nothing is more precious than seeing life through her eyes. Watching her play "mommy" to her new little brother, whom she nicknamed Baby Bacon, fills our hearts with love. Each morning and night she asks "Can I see his cute wittle eyes?" Its her way of showing love to her baby brother as she oooos and awwws over him. We love her more than words could ever express and are blessed to be her parents! adellyn

Entry #2 - Kinlee

 From the moment I found out Kinlee was growing, my life changed completely. Then, the first moment she was laid on my chest, screaming her little tiny self red, I was head over heels in love. In fact, I feel like I didn't really know what love was, until I felt this overwhelming love that came with her. To me, she has always been the most amazing baby, now as she grows, she is becoming the most amazing toddler. iIhad to make a collage to show so many of the things that make her special, and it still doesn't show it all! she adores animals, always trying to hug and kiss the cats and dogs here (thank god they are so very very tolerant!) She has the sweetest heart, wanting to hug and kiss her baby cousins and even trying to pick them up when they cry (they are already almost bigger than her!) She seems to always be smiling and laughing and dancing. I almost sent her booty shake video in for submission! I call her my "yeah" girl. "Yeah" was one of her first words and she still says it to everything. She even answers "yeah" when you ask her if she needs to go to the corner and then puts herself into it, lol! To find just one thing that makes Kinlee special would be impossible. My Kinlee monster has the sweetest, funniest, happiest most loving personality ever. :) Kinlee

 Entry #3 - Claire

 Claire is a 2 and a half and an aspiring cowgirl. She loves her horse Kruzer and he loves her. She is fearless on the back of her steed, and is always smiling and giggling when she is riding. Claire helps take great care of Kruzer, her favorite activity being doling out the horse treats! Claire credits her amazing Aunt Kim for taking the time to ride with her and introduce her to the importance of being responsible for her animals. Claire is our little cowgirl. Claire 

Entry #4 - Natalie

 This is Natalie.She is the sunshine in our days. She loves playing in the water and would take 3 baths a day if allowed. She is 2 yrs old and is curious about everything this world has to offer. We get to see the world thru her eyes. She loves water( of course), bubbles and her bestfriend lola( our cat). These are just a few of her favorite things... Natalie

Entry #5 - Jaxson

 Jaxson comes from a family that has generations of farmers..including his Daddy and his Papa. So ever since he was about 2 tractors and anything farming has become one of his many passions. He can tell you what every part of a tractor is, even when you try and trick him he knows better. We get certain farming magazines and catalogs in the mail and this is what he needs to look at while he eats his breakfast/lunch/dinner. He even has brochures of all different types of farm equipment that he likes to read as bedtime stories. I think that makes him a special little future farmer :) jaxson

Entry #6 - Madisyn

 In this photo you see Madisyn playing dress-up with her cousin Brianna. Madisyn loves to play with her cousins, as she has many of them. Madisyn is a kind, playful soul that already knows how to not take life too seriously. She is constantly acting goofy just to make people laugh and her laughter is simply contagious. She is a kind-hearted child that feels that all people need love, and she absolutely loves to pretend to be a little Mommy with her baby dolls and even her younger cousins. My little goofball is a ray of sunshine on any day you meet her. madisyn

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 - There is only 1 (ONE) vote allowed per computer/person/IP address. Some Schools and offices share IP addresses and we have gotten complaints in the past that only 1 vote was allowed for the entire place - Please ask people to vote from home. This is NOT once vote per day - One vote. Per computer/person. for the entire contest. Encouraging people to use others phones or internet connections in order to get more votes is CHEATING.

- Spamming ANYWHERE asking for votes will cause you be to disqualified. Posting on your OWN FB wall, or  having friends/family post on their own FB Wall is fine. You may post on any FB biz page that is YOURS.

 - Duplicate Votes are deleted by the polling computer, so please do not try to cheat or encourage others to cheat so your choice will win. - If cheating is suspected, that entry will be disqualified, no exceptions. - DO NOT click on the photo to vote! - Comments on this post are welcome but do not count as a vote. Please use the poll. Voting is now over!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Newborn Session 2012

My absolute favorite thing to photograph is a new, fresh newborn baby and their loving family!


This is for a NEWBORN (1-2 weeks old) Session with their parents and siblings to be held at my studio in Boise, ID. Newborn sessions focus on their sweet littlness and interacting with family.

Newborn sessions can take 3-4 hours in studio to complete (this time is included in your package fee)

Expect about 15-20 poses/images of your precious little one - alone, all snuggled up.
In props or "set ups" - How many depends on baby's happiness
With Mom and Dad (together and separate)
All of the family
With Siblings

If you choose NOT to have Baby photographed with parents/siblings, you will have less images to choose from. This does not change the price of your package. I suggest doing sibling poses on a different day than doing the newborn alone (no extra charge!!)

This special does not include any Maternity Portraits or Extended Family portraits. (see below for Maternity Newborn Packages)

$399 due at the time of booking. We will send you an invoice via PayPal - If it is more than 4 months til your due date you may pay 1 half at the time of booking and 1/2 when baby arrives.


This Price includes your session - The time and talent of the Photographer, and the creation and editing of your digital proofs. You will receive a online portrait gallery within 2 weeks of your session so you may choose your images. It includes 1 Portrait Package below.

We have 3 Options to choose from - PLEASE PICK ONE

Option 1:
15 8x10 Digital Images of your choice with Printing Release (You may print them up to 8x10 for your own personal use forever! Photo lab suggestions and instructions included.)

Print Package of 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, 8 wallets (you will choose the images for your prints from your digital image choices)

End Option 1.

Option 2:
10 8x10 Digital Images of your choice with Printing Release (You may print them up to 8x10 for your own personal use forever! Photo lab suggestions and instructions included.)

16x20 Mounted Portrait OR 2 12x12 Framed Collages (black frame)

End Option 2.

Option 3:

10 8x10 Digital Images of your choice with Printing Release (You may print them up to 8x10 for your own personal use forever! Photo lab suggestions and instructions included.)

8x8 Softcover Portrait Keepsake Album (16 fine linen pages) featuring up to 20 images from your session (We have samples :-D)

End Option 3.

Teddy Bear Picnic

You can view more newborn portraits here


We also have Maternity/Newborn Packages. Maternity Portraits are usually done around 32 weeks.

"She's Having a Baby" Package - Maternity and Newborn

Option 1 : "Full Term"
This Package includes a maternity session (28-36 weeks - up to 3 people) and a newborn session (within 10 days of birth - up to 4 people)

- Portrait Archive CD with up to All Edited Digital 8x10 Images ( from both sessions). A Print Release is provided for printing and making Birth Announcements.

- 16x20 Canvas Portrait
- 12x12 "Itty Bitty" Collage PLUS Bonus - 2 8x8 Itty Bitty Collages for Grandparents!
- Mounted 11x14 Portrait
$100 Print Credit

PLUS Special Gift!

This package is over a $1500 Value! Purchase for only $1095

Option 2 : "Preemie"

This Package includes a maternity session (28-36 weeks - up to 3 people) and a newborn session (within 10 days of birth - up to 4 people)

- Portrait Archive CD with 15 Digital 8x10 Images of your choice (from both sessions). A Print Release is provided for printing and making Birth Announcements.

- 12x12 "Itty Bitty" Collage
- Mounted 11x14 Portrait
- 2 8x10 Portraits
- 4 5x7 Portraits
12 Page Softcover Keepsake Book (featuring 16 images)

This package is over $950 value! - Purchase for only $795

This special will expire on June 30 2012. You may pre-purchase it for a baby due after this date if you wish. Payment is due in full via PayPal or Check at the time of booking.There are no refunds so please be sure before purchasing, I am more than happy to meet you before the baby is born to go over what the packages include. I would reserve your session as soon as possible!

"Won" Gift Cards are not valid with this already discounted session.
If you have a referral (someone told you to contact me about newborn portraits) you will receive a special gift from me and so will the person who referred you!

Welcome to our Blog!

We are currently accepting appointments for Maternity, Newborn and Baby sessions in September and beyond (August is booked). Fall is our busiest time of the year, so please book in advance! Limited sessions are available in November and December.

Did you know if you do a session with us, and become a fan/like of our Facebook Page - that we will upload a your sneak peek there as well? It's easy to share your portraits with family and friends this way!

Almost all of the information you could need is over on the sidebar to the right including current specials - Check it out! We also have all of our specials and updates posted on Twitter too --->